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Sleep in Pullman_Comfort and Safety

Pullman Shops Richmond, Ca. North gate entrance. Richmond Collection

  This site is for the distribution and collecting of information about the Pullman Shops in Richmond, California. The focus will be on a behind the scenes look at the operation of The Pullman Company. The traveling public took for granted the amount of work required to keep Pullman's sleeping cars up to rigid standards of comfort and operation.

  The Pullman Company was a major factor in the transportation of the United States, and for 50 years dominated like no other industry ever has. Thousands of Pullman's sleeping cars crisscrossed the country every night moving tens of thousand of people hundreds of thousands of miles.
  Newspaper Headlines announced whenever the name trains were re-equipped with the newest and finest cars designed by Loewy, Dreyfuss or Kuhler. After all the fanfare had died, it was up to the Pullman repair shops to keep the cars up to the rigid standards Pullman had set and the public expected for the rest of a cars life expectancy which could and did exceed 40 years for some cars. Every couple of years the cars were brought into the shops, overhauled and sent back out on the road good as new. Up until the late 1930's this also included a coat of standard Pullman Green paint. But the coming of the Streamliners and the diesels that pulled them brought with them a rainbow of colors the cars could be painted as customization replaced standardization.
  Pullman operated six repair facilities throughout the U.S, and each supported the railroads in the area they served. Calumet Illinois handled cars throughout the midwest, St. Louis Missouri the railroads operating through that gateway. Buffalo New York handled New York Central and Northeastern railroads. Wilmington Delaware had responsibility for the Pennsylvania Railroad and railroads in the New York City-Philadelphia-Washington area. Atlanta Georgia handled the southern railroads and Richmond California the western railroads in the San Francisco Zone.

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