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American Milemaster - New @ Pullman

Lightweight Sleeping-Buffet-Lounge-Observation with 2 double bedrooms, 1 compartment and 1 drawing room. As built the car had Room-Observation-Sleeping Car on its side. Pullman Photo - John Wesson Collection

American Milemaster Lark 400 (12/23/41) SP 9500 11/4/49)
Build Date: 4/20/39 Plan: 4082 Lot: 6567
Trucks: 41 - HR Withdrawn from lease: 1/28/63 Sold to EMD, RB to Test Car

  Built for display for the 1939 Worlds Fair in New York, American Milemaster received its' name as a result of a nation wide contest. It was repainted into UP Streamliner colors as part of a replacement train when the UP-SP-C&NW Chicago to Oakland streamlinerCity of San Francisco was derailed at Harney Nevada. It was then repainted two tone gray for the service on the Treasure Island Special and during the summer of 1941 and 1942 the joint Southern Pacific / Rock Island Arizona Limited
   It was again repainted to replace a similar car on the Southern Pacific overnight Pullman streamliner Lark.The Larks original observation car was totaled in a rear end collision. American Milemaster was given a Lark herald on its side the the original cars number, 400. It operated in the Oakland section of the Lark until 1960.
   Renumbered SP 9500 in November of 1949 it also had the PULLMAN on the letterboard replaced with SOUTHERN PACIFIC. The rear end was blunted in 1957 to allow business cars to run on the Lark
   SP 9500 was withdrawn from Pullman lease January 28, 1963. It was sold to the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors and rebuilt as their locomotive test car ET800 in 1965. Conrail acquired the car in February, 1985. It was rebuilt to a Surface Analyzer Car and numbered 22.

SHOP Class Repair DATE IN DATE OUT Report Number Notes
Calumet S 11-8-39 11-20-39 26846  
Calumet S-RPT 1/30/40 2/8/40 27315 Repainted UP Streamliner colors for CoSF
Calumet S-RPT 6/14/40 7/2/40 28465 Repainted Two-Tone Gray for Treasure Island Special
Calumet S-RPT 11/13/41 12/23/41 32372 RB to 4082A, Repainted SP "Lark"
Richmond S 1/29/42 1/29/42 32750-A  
Richmond SE 6/9/44 7/5/44 37425  
Richmond S 1/25/46 1/25/46 41564  
Richmond MSB 1/20/47 2/20/47 43950  
Richmond STE 5/17/48 6/7/48 46641 RB to 4082C
Richmond M 10/13/49 11/4/49 49973 Re# 9500, Re-lettered "Southern Pacific"
Richmond M 4/30/52 5/23/52 53817  
Richmond MSB 10/23/53 11/17/53 56444  
Richmond MRCM? 4/5/56 5/16/56 59515  
Richmond MR 10/3/57 12/31/57 60993 RB to 4082F, RB with blunt rear end

SP 9500 rebuilt at Richmond - Don Munger

SP 9500 had its swallow tail lounge squared off during the December 1957 shopping. Don Munger Collection


EMD 800 was purchased by CONRAIL and rebuilt to Surface Analyzer Car 22.Photo by Jeff Lubchansky

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