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  Richmond would shop about 250-300 cars per year. Pullman Car Construction Records (CCRs) include the date in and date released from the shop.. After WW I I, records were also kept as to when the car arrived at the shops. Records for the cars include most work that was done to the cars, but not always the date the work was done. Not all of the data is legible. ? on my sheet show data I could not make out. Showing the complete records for the cars is beyond the scope of this site, although I will include the data if the dates are recorded. By the early 1950's most of the Missouri Pacific, Texas and Pacific and International Great Northern sleepers were being painted into the Eagle streamliner colors.

  The shopping records include:

  • Name of car
  • Pullman car plan number
  • Car type
  • Number of shop dates ( 8 of 15 is 8th time car was shopped out of 15 total shoppings )
  • Class of Repair
  • GR = General and Remodel repairs
  • LM = Light Minor
  • M = Minor
  • MR = Major Rebuild
  • MSB = Minor Sand Blast
  • R = Regular repairs
  • S = Special repairs
  • SE = Special Enamel
  • SV = Special Varnish
  • Date car was received. (Only for cars after WW II )
  • Date car into shop
  • Date car out of shop
  • Report number: Sequenced from all shops.
  • S.O. # Special orders number. A work order that applied to more than one car.
  • Notes. Dated information from the front of the Pullman Car Construction Records (CCRs).

100more records added 01-08-05 dating 1914-1958. List will be continually updated

   The records are now listed by:

Date released from shop


Name of Car

  The Newberry Library  The data shown here is from the back side of the Pullman Car Construction Records (CCRs) extracted from microfilms of original Pullman Car Construction Records (CCRs) archives at the Newberry Library, and viewed on the copy made for the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.

  THE Pullman Project   The front of the CCR contains information on any individual cars construction data and can be viewed on this site by Tom Madden.

If you have any information or pictures to add, send them to:



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