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Missouri Pacific, Texas & Pacific and International Great Northern cars painted Eagle streamliner blue and gray

  Pullman cars assigned to the Missouri Pacific Railroad were usually shopped at the St. Louis, Missouri repair facility. Missouri Pacific pooled cars with the Santa Fe Railway between Oakland/San Francisco and New Orleans, Louisiana. 6 section -6 roomette -4 double bedroom cars from both railroads were used. None of the MP cars were ever shopped in Richmond, and these cars that were shopped here were not involved in that pool.. By the late 1940's most of the Missouri Pacific, Texas & Pacific and International Great Northern sleepers were being painted into the Missouri Pacific Eagle streamliner colors of blue and gray. It is possible these cars were painted here to speed up the process.

  Ixtaccinuate began life as the Plan 2410F 12 Section ! Drawing room Falkirk. on 10/28/1915. On 7/11/40 it was released from Calumet rebuilt as a 8 Section - 5 double bedroom car and renamed Clover Crop. When it was serviced in Richmond in June of 1948 it received Missouri Pacific's Eagle colors and skirts were applied.. It was renamed Ixtaccinuate and assigned to St. Louis-Mexico City service. The car was sold to International Great Northern on December 31, 1948 under the Pullman divestiture.

Car Name Plan # Type Class Repair Date In Date Out
Mesquite 2585D 10S-1DR-2C M 05 16 49 06 02 49
Ixtaccihuatl 4036I 8S-5Dbr M 06 01 48 06 23 48
Millaudon 2585D 10S-1DR-2C M 08 23 51 09 12 51
Centway 3979A 8S-1DR-2C M 10 23 53 11 06 53

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