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Colorado & Southern (CB&Q) Lariat Crest

Lariat Crest was rebuilt to Plan 3973D from Gull Lake August 8, 1940. It was painted into CB&Q Streamline colors and given four tread folding steps at that time. It was repainted to Pullman paint diagram CED4217C Shadowline at an undetermined date.

LARIAT CREST Built: 12/2/29 Plan: 3973A Lot#: 6300 Withdrawn:10/31/63
Type Shop Sequence Class Repair Date In Date Out Record
10S-1Dr-1C 7 of 9 M 10/24/47 11/14/47 45521

In Late July and early August 1940, six heavywight Pullman sleepers were rebuilt and semi-streamlimed for the joint Colorado and Southern / Fort Worth and Denver Texas Zephyr service. The 10 Section -1 Compartment -1 Drawing room Lariat Crest and Lariat Range; 8 Section - 5 Double bedroom Castle Crest and Castle Range; and 12 Section - 1 Drawing room Spanish Crest and Spanish Range

The Texas Zephyr included new baggage, baggage-dormitory-coach, coaches and an observation-diner-lounge all built in stainless steel by BUDD. It had been running from June to August as the Advance Texas Zephyr. In 1957 the Texas Zephyr consist was replaced with the original 1936 Denver Zephyr consist.

Chicago Burlington and Quincy, the parent company of the C&S and FW&D, had brought a complaint on anti-trust issues against The Pullman Company. BUDD had built sleeping cars for the 1936 Denver Zephyrs. Pullman wasn't happy having competition, and placed restrictions on their liability operating sleeping cars not built by Pullman. The anti-trust suit was filed July 12, 1940. A decree was entered May 8, 1944 for Pullman to separate its' car-building and car-operating business'. Pullman chose to sell the operating end (in retrospect, a very good move for Pullman). On July 1, 1947 fifty-seven railroads purchased the stock of The Pullman Company. CB&Q was one of the railroads owning stock, but all future passenger equipment purchases were from BUDD, not Pullman-Standard.

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