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  In 1941 the SP-UP-C&NW received the new City Of San Francisco streamliner from Pullman and EMD. Civic Center was part of the lot of 4 Compartment, 4 Double bedroom, 2 Drawing room sleepers built for this train, the UP-C&NW City of Los Angeles and extra pool service.

  In 1955 the C&NW ended their part of the Cities service and withdrew all C&NW cars. Civic Center went into the Pullman pool until withdrawn in 1960.

  In 1962-1963 C&NW sold the Civic Center to Verle Thompson, a well known local radio personality in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Four other former City Of San Francisco cars were purchased and placed together at the junction of highways I - 29 and 16 and opened as the SIOUX CHIEF TRAINTEL, the world's only exclusive Pullman Train - Motel.

Civic Center Plan: 4069F Lot: 6636x
Date: 7/3/41 Trucks: U-43-HR Brakes:HSCE D-22-BR 4x12
To C&NW LTP 12/31/45 Withdrawn from lease: 6/1/60
SHOP Class
Date In Date Out Report
Calumet M 9/11/44 9/28/44 11/28/44 37860 Reweighed
Calumet M 11/4/47 11/11/47 12/19/47 45664  
Calumet SEAT 1/7/49 1/12/49 2/4/49 47808 MB type couplers applied
Richmond G 12/21/49 1/3/50 1/24/50 49406  
Calumet SA 1/2/52 1/2/52 1/3/52 53212  
Calumet MA 2/25/53 3/5/53 4/17/53 55339 New tiling in front of end doors, new upholstery, carpet changed
Richmond MSBC 9/30/55 10/6/55 10/26/55 58944  
Calumet ST 3/23/59 4/1/59 5/1/59 61642  

  Special Orders applied during shoppings. Work done in order of S.O. No date on Car Construction record.

1026 Remove electric overhead heaters
1043 Inspect warped support brackets
1062 Apply extra fuel cabinets
1095 Apply angles to support brackets
1105 Remove outer diaphragms
1109 Apply 4" skirting
1194 Apply rubber tiling to ??? of end door
1234 Check upper portion of diaphragm header
No # Remove initials from letter board
1557 Remove double type brake heads
1571 Exterior Paint


  UP streamline colors; Yellow D5678A (nd); Pullman two-tone gray (1/11/56)

  The motel closed around 1975. The cars were sold in 1988.Civic Center was purchased by a private party and moved to the San Francisco Bay area. It is currently on display at the Golden Gate Railroad Museum.

  Civic Center current resides At the Golden Gate Railroad Museum in San Francisco. The COSF cars were originally delivered with custom air-foil side sills and all underbody equipment was enclosed.

The U-43-HR Triple Bolster Truck on The 1941 COSF and COLA train were the last version of this complex design.

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