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Acknowledgements   This project has grown larger than I had expected and could not have happened without the help and support of many people.

Linda Holmes at the Richmond library for letting me dig through every corner of The Richmond Collection.

Bill Hartung, George Christiansen, Joe Comwell, Jim Stein, Peter Noe, Joe Menigelli, Herb Weusthoff, Donald Pryde and George "Chic" Albert, former employees of the Richmond shops who shared their stories with me.

Joe Comwell, Jim Stein, Anne Bartram, Diane Dornan, Al Frosini, Jay and Karen Fenton, Anita Christiansen for their time talking about the shops or their relatives who worked there.

Harry Akin and John Plytnick of Western Railway Museum. John gave me the name of Herb Weusthoff (95 at the time), the first employee I had a chance to interview.

Donald Bastian and Cathline Rupley of the Richmond Museum for the use of their archives.

Betty Maffei, Contra Costa County Historical Society for locating photos in their archives.

Ralph Barger, Arthur Dubin, William Kratville and Robert Wayner, authors of the bulk of the books availble on the The Pullman Company and passenger trains they ran on.

Tom Madden for his herculean efforts to digest and make availible The Pullman Company Car Construction Records of the Newberry Library.

Jeff Cauthen for his invaluble help with the Southern Pacific cars which formed the bulk of the work done at Richmond Shops.

Ellen Halteman, Librarian and Kathryn Santos, Archivist of the California State Railroad Museum

Dr. Denny Anspach for arranging for the California State Railroad Museum library to obtain copies of the Newberry microfilms.

Alan Hegler for his research help and connections.

John Hogan, my good friend whose shared interest in this project has uncovered many of the people I was able to interview.

John Fiscella for his interest in the project and many helpful insights.

Thanks to Rory Calhoun of Sacramento Locomotive Works for his referal to the online Sanborn Maps.

My wife Anne, for supporting my interests and allowing me the time for them.

If you have any information or pictures to add, send them to:



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